Green Room Program Student Spotlight: Mae Kate

Mae Kate Green Room

Name: Mae Kate Campbell

Year: First

Expected Major: Geology

Green Room Certified: Gold

How did you hear about the program?

I learned about it while researching Oberlin prior to applying here. I was on the Oberlin website looking at sustainability on campus and found it.

Did the program influence your choice in coming here?

Not really, but it is cool, and my main reason for applying to Oberlin was environmental.

What prompted you to certify?

I thought it was a really unique opportunity for students to see how they are sustainable and how they can improve. Also, I live in Kahn and my RA encouraged us.

Why did you think it was important to certify your room?

I thought it was important to learn more about what I am already doing, since I am someone who is trying to be more sustainable. I wanted to try to work towards improvement in areas I was incomplete in also.

Do you feel that the program is a good way to increase sustainability?

Definitely. It makes students look at how they are living and what they can do to be more eco-friendly, which I think is helpful.

Have you told any other people about the program?

Yes! I talked to friends after I completed it and asked if they had done it. We talked about our thoughts on the criteria and I prompted other people to certify their rooms as well.

What are your past actions and what are you planning to do?

Now that I have certified my room I am going to work on water use. It made me think about how precious a resource water is and how much I value it. I definitely need to work on my water consumption, though.

What would your perfect sustainable campus look like?

I would like to see Oberlin transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, which I know is an ongoing process and requires a lot of coordination that the college is working on. I would like Oberlin to try to encourage other colleges to do the same. I want to “spread the love” and see everyone go towards renewable energy.

Any suggestions for the program or survey’s improvement?

A lot of people don’t take it seriously. I am not sure how we would increase the number of people invested in it, or have people have a better attitude towards it, or more respect towards the program, but that would be important to move towards. Working towards showing people what a difference their actions are making.

Do you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see in the future?

In terms of sustainability on campus it would be cool to see more sustainability and environmental education in courses that are not environmental courses. There are a lot of things that are not being taught with sustainability in mind, but it could be incorporated to increase student knowledge across the board.

Like an intersectionality of sustainability in other courses other than ENVS?

Yeah. My high school had an environmental literacy program. The point was to imbue as many courses as possible with environmental literacy. People graduated with a lot of knowledge about their impact on the earth and how to mitigate it. I thought that was really cool and would love to see that happen here.

Are there bigger things that people could be doing on campus?

Everyone should encourage people around them to be more sustainable. Even though it is sometimes difficult to bring up, it is definitely important to be vocal about it.

What is your relationship to sustainability?

I have always been an eco-conscious person. I think having been born on this earth, I, and we, have a responsibility to protect it for future generations. I feel like I have a moral obligation. In some ways I am fulfilling it but there is still a lot I have to work on.

Are you more interested in group or individual action?

Both are important. Education especially is something that is really necessary to increase knowledge so people become more sustainable.  The program is definitely in that category; it provides a good marker of where you are and how you can increase whatever you are doing.


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