Sharing Sustainability

by Madeline Raynor

What I love most about sustainability is that it is creative by nature. Brainstorming more efficient, less harmful alternatives to everyday activities? Envisioning a more carbon-neutral, thriving future for everyone? That’s sustainability! And when you’re working on a creative, beautiful, DIY, upcycled, zero-waste, eco-friendly project, your first instinct is to share it (read: brag about how awesome it is). The next step from there is to spread information and resources so others can be more sustainable too. And that’s where social media and communications — my job at the Office of Environmental Sustainability — comes in. Sharing pictures, tips, events, etc. is a great way to get people excited about sustainability and show them that sustainable living can be fun! Just browsing the sustainability tag on Instagram is enough to get you excited about what sustainability can do. It will probably also make you want to immediately start a cool DIY project: which is awesome because you have so many opportunities to use recycled supplies.

Here’s an example: every Thanksgiving, it’s my job to make the place cards for the dinner table. Usually, I break out the construction paper, but this year, I thought: how can I reuse something we already have around the house? So I grabbed a stack of newspaper and looked for a different picture to represent each family member, cut it out, and wrote their name on it. It ended up being so much cooler to use recycled materials. The cards looked really artsy and my family loved them. Plus it’s so much more sustainable than using new materials!

OES has lots of outlets that we use to spread the excitement about the cool, creative projects we’re working on. This blog was created so we can share updates on our projects and things we’re working on. For more frequent updates, and for notifications about events, ways you can be more sustainable, and what we’re reading in the news, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. And for some lovely visual inspiration, follow us on Instagram.


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