Ecolympics 2014 Has Begun!!!

Ecolympics 2014 has officially begun at Oberlin – check out the events that are happening here:

ecolympics poster

Some highlights this year:

April 9th: A peacebuilding workshop at 7:30 pm in Wilder 112.

April 17th: Jessica Green, Professor at CWRU, will be speaking on global environmental governance in Hallock Auditorium at 7:30 pm.

April 20th: Quiet Life, a folk music performer, will be playing at the Tappan Square Bandstand at 7:30 pm (and giving a workshop on touring in a veggie oil van at 4:30 pm).

April 23rd: Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary, the largest farm animal sanctuary in the world, will be speaking at 7:00 pm in Hallock Auditorium.


But these are fall from all of the events – there are over 35 happening in the next 21 days – and the full schedule is posted in the Science Center and in Azariah’s.

It’s been quite a ride the last few months getting all of these events going, but it should be a spectacular month to learn about sustainability.  You can also check out the dorm energy and water reduction competition here:

It seems like many dorms have already begun seeing savings, only a single day into the competition! The winning dorms will receive an ice cream party from CowHaus, and infrastructural improvements.  The 5 students who participate in the most events will get prizes as well, and we’re handing out stuff at every event!  So I hope to see you at an Ecolympics event in the near future – I hope to be able to attend many of them myself.



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