Certifiably a Good Year

It’s been a whirlwind year. We just ended Ecolympics 2014; totally revamped OES Hangouts (now featuring party cats); nearly completed all of the bike fixit stations; and certified dozens of students through the green room program. Under the guiding hand of Bridget Flynn, I’ve had the pleasure to watch OES grow in the past two years from a small group of interns, to a seven-student team with a new assistant vice president of energy management, Meghan Riesterer.

I have been working on the Green Room Program since joining OES in 2012. The Green Room Program both encourages and prompts students to take more sustainable action in their daily lives, in their rooms and around campus, and to gain recognition for the actions they are already taking. As one of my first and foremost duties, I have learned a lot about how individual changes can change the sustainable landscape and practices of a community as a whole.

While systemic change is extremely important, we can all do a little to help reduce, reuse, and recycle—like taking shorter showers; using a reusable water bottle; drinking from thermoses instead of paper cups; biking instead of driving; grow plants on windowsills; and repurposing furniture and clothes, etc. OES has taught me that it is both the little and big steps that count. So, I encourage everyone to tally up and certify their little steps with the Green Room Program at https://sites.google.com/a/oberlin.edu/green-room/.


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