December 2014 eNewsletter

A snowy Tappan Square path at dusk.

From the desk of OES: What’s the limit for this gift exchange? What’s your return policy? Are you checking your emails over break? These are some of the questions you might hear during this holiday season. People in a tizzy rushing from store to store buying gifts, cleaning their home incessantly before the in-laws come over, women in kitchens making enough to feed their extended families. Happy holidays? While this time of year can bring stress, busyness, and overspending, it can also usher in reflection, gratitude, quality time with loved ones, and all the joys that matter most to you.
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November 2014 eNewsletter

OES Staff and Interns tour the renovated central heating plant with Project Manager, Leo Evans.

The topic of our OES Hangout discussion this month was “what sustains you in this work and what are you thankful for”. This proved to yield fruitful discussion. Any kind of work that aims to ultimately transform massive institutions — whether that’s related to food systems, natural resource protection, or prison reform — can be daunting. Overturning systems of oppression and degradation takes a lot of work; its challenging, tiring work. I continue to be reminded of the wicked nature of the problems we’re tackling, especially as issues in Ferguson and even Cleveland make national headlines.
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