AASHE 2016 Reflection

Hillary Pan, Gabe Jacobson, Emma Ayzenberg, Olivia Vasquez, and Bridget Flynn taking a road-trip to AASHE 2016

I was lucky enough to attend and present at the annual AASHE Conference and Expo held Oct 9-12 this year in Baltimore, Maryland. I was joined by three other Oberlin students involved in sustainability. Bridget, Sustainability Coordinator in OES, told us that AASHE is the biggest and best sustainability-in-higher-education conference. We didn’t know exactly what to expect from the experience, but we hoped to hear about other institution’s challenges in campus sustainability from a mainly student perspective. Continue reading


Starting the Year Sustainably

Hello World!

My name is Mae Kate Campbell, and I’m the Communication and Web Initiatives Intern. I’m a third year geology major, and this is the start of my third year working for the OES! It’s been such a great experience, and I’m really looking forward to everything we have planned for this year. As the Communications and Web Initiatives Intern, it’s my job to engage people with sustainability through a variety of media. This can look like a lot of things— an Instagram post showing off our awesome solar array, sharing sustainability-related events on Facebook, writing green tips for the eNewsletter, and keeping our websites up to date. Even though it says web in my title, my job isn’t limited to screen time. The most important way to engage people in building a long-term relationship with sustainability is reaching them offline, and having face-to-face conversations about how our actions impact this planet and the future generations that will live and thrive here. That’s why you may find me putting stickers on washing machines reminding people to wash with cold water, organizing our monthly OES Hangouts that give students and community members an opportunity to spend some time with staff and students who work for OES, ask us questions, give us feedback, and inspire us with new ways we could be involved on campus, or highlighting students who have made a commitment to live sustainably with their Green Room certificates. I’m so excited to continue helping to make Oberlin a better place, work with a stellar team of staff and interns, and loving every moment. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Certifiably a Good Year

It’s been a whirlwind year. We just ended Ecolympics 2014; totally revamped OES Hangouts (now featuring party cats); nearly completed all of the bike fixit stations; and certified dozens of students through the green room program. Under the guiding hand of Bridget Flynn, I’ve had the pleasure to watch OES grow in the past two years from a small group of interns, to a seven-student team with a new assistant vice president of energy management, Meghan Riesterer.

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Sustainability in the Digital World

Sustainability. It a word I basically can’t get through my day at Oberlin without hearing, much less without using. But what really is sustainability? A lot of different people are going to answer that in a lot of different ways, and they’d probably all be right. That’s the problem with language sometimes–when we try to condense concepts and ideas into words, they often become trivialized, and lose their original meaning. Continue reading

Sharing Sustainability

by Madeline Raynor

What I love most about sustainability is that it is creative by nature. Brainstorming more efficient, less harmful alternatives to everyday activities? Envisioning a more carbon-neutral, thriving future for everyone? That’s sustainability! And when you’re working on a creative, beautiful, DIY, upcycled, zero-waste, eco-friendly project, your first instinct is to share it Continue reading